European Summer Conquer Tour 2014

 Two headline shows are added on the summer run! Tilburg first on the 21st of June and then return again to Hamburg on the 25th, to finish what we started on our previous European tour. More shows are about to be announced soon, so stay tuned! This summer is gonna be hot and killer!

more info about Conquering Japan

 For all our Japanese friends and fans, this is the updated poster for September's shows in Japan! You can find all the necessary information for tickets and pre sales and for further details or questions, feel free to contact with the following e-mail:

Divide and Conquer Over Japan

 Great news coming up, right after “Conquering Europe” tour! Conquering Japan is confirmed for September! It's our first time there and we are sure it's gonna be a blast! For more dates, ticket pre-sales and more info stay tuned! 
Juohmaru set up!!!


 A month on the road, 31 shows in a row, not a single break, not a single day off! This was the “Conquering Europe” tour, ending with an amazing show in Rotterdam. It was our first headline tour and we had no clue what to expect. But, what happened in these 31 shows, is far beyond impressive and unbelievable. Every single one of you, who attended the shows, in these 13 European countries, you made us proud and proved that you support thrash metal music with full power! You filled up all venues, you moshed like no tomorrow, screamed with us, sang with us, and in the end it was what we all expected, a good friendly violent fun! There are no words to thank you all, who turned the “Conquering Europe” tour, in to a super successful tour, we really wish and hope to see you all again on the road. Moreover we would like to thank our beloved crew, without them nothing would be achievable. Our sound guy, Stamos Vasilakis, the tour manager Julia Senkter, our techs, Manolis Asimou and Dennis Kontis, the merch assistant Filis Voulioti and last but not least, Exarsis, Lost Society and FUELED BY FIRE - OFFICIAL. We had great moments together, best touring partners in crime, we spent together 31 days, without even realising how quickly time passed! This also represents the success of this tour, 'till the next one! THRASH 'TILL DEATH!

“Divide and Conquer” hits the German Charts!

 Astonishing news hitting, just 2 days before the kick off of our tour. “Divide and Conquer” hits the German charts in position #82. It is the second time in a row, since 2012 and "Bloodbath". Thank you all you crazy Germans, it wouldn’t be done without your support. Keep the horns rising and thrash 'till death! Let's thrash Europe once more!!!

“Divide and Conquer” is officially released!

 Today is the day! Our 5th album, “Divide and Conquer” is officially released. Who already has it in his hands, let us know if you like it or love or…anyway, share with us your pics with it and don’t forget! "Conquering Europe" tour is about to start in 2 weeks, so grab your tickets
See you all very soon on the road!

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