A week after our return from Japan, we must admit that we still miss the great time we had there. Here's a photo which can easily represent what took place on those 2 shows in Tokyo!!! We want to thank once again everybody involved, Akira Sugiuchi and all members of SPIRITUAL BEAST team for the indescribable hospitality and welcome and last but not least, YOU all people, who turned those nights in to nights to remember. See you all very soon!




As promised here we are!

His name is Gus, his hands deliver fire and his constribution during the recordings of the new record was more than signifcant!
Since photos and videos are stronger than thousands of words, below there's a link to a video practicing the setlist for the upcoming shows in Japan! Our Japanese fans will be the lucky ones to see him in action on his first appearance with Suicidal Angels, next weekend!

Concering the rest of the world, stay tuned, because 2016 seems to be hot as hell with great surprises, tour and the release of the new album!

Gus Drax - Suicidal Angels Rehearsing

Suicidal Angels and Chris Tsitsis are parting ways

 After a successful summer run, with a lot of great concerts, warm welcomes and hospitalities from old friends and new ones and right before entering the studio to deliver the 6th studio album, we are forced to face a great loss. For reasons beyond music, for issues far beyond personal communication and friendship, Suicidal Angels and Chris Tsitsis are parting ways. They had been almost 3 years of amazing co-operation and unforgettable moments, an absolutely smooth getting along! Our friendship remains, which is the most important after these 3 years. Chris will also be present in the new album, offering a guest solo to a song and definitely we burn no bridge. We wish him luck for his future and hopefully our paths will cross again.
On the other hand, we have already found who would fill the gap in to the “lead” duties. There will be no announcement yet, so hold your horses, till the time comes for revealing further details. One is for sure, our Japanese friends will be the lucky ones who will first see Suicidal Angels performing with the new guitar player on the 7th and 8th of November in Tokyo. Stay tuned, news are coming!


  Finally the time has come! Almost two years passed after the release of our 5th studio album, "Divide And Conquer" and they had been 2 years with 2 successful headline tours, plenty of summer festivals and on top of those, we land in Japan on the beginning of November for a couple of crazy nights on the Japanese ground! Now, everything is set and ready to jump in the studio and deliver what we know to do best! Fast, raw and aggressive Thrash Metal! The release date is planned to be beginning of 2016 and all the details, cover, track-list will be gradually revealed. Below you may find the official press release along with the band’s statement.

SUICIDAL ANGELS working on new album:

The Greek thrash metal outfit SUICIDAL ANGELS, is currently working on the follow up to their highly acclaimed 2014 album, "Divide and Conquer". 
The songwriting is completed and the guys will enter the soundlodge studios in Rhauderfehn / Germany in September 2015 to kick off the recordings with producer Jörg Uken.

The band states:
“It is a bit more than 1,5 year since the release of “Divide and Conquer” and the time has come for the sirens to ring once more. The new material is ready, fast, aggressive and in your face more than ever before. We get our positions on the 14th of September, at Soundlodge studios in Rhauderfehn / Germany, with Jörg Uken behind the mixing desk and production, to deliver our 6th full length. Soon we come back with more details, keep your eyes and ears open, this album will be a shock!“

More information coming soon – stay tuned. | | |


SUICIDAL ANGELS arbeiten an neuem Album:

Die griechischen Thrash-Metal-Helden SUICIDAL ANGELS arbeiten derzeit am Nachfolger des sehr erfolgreichen 'Divide and Conquer' Album aus dem Jahr 2014. Das Songwriting ist bereits beendet und die Jungs werden im September noch die Soundlodge studios in Rhauderfehn entern, um das neue Album gemeinsam mit Produzent Jorg Üken aufzunehmen.

Die Band kommentiert:
"1,5 Jahre nach dem Release von “Divide and Conquer” ist es wieder an der Zeit, Alarm zu schlagen. Das neue Material ist schneller, aggressiver und direkter als alles zuvor.
Der Termin steht, am 14. September werden wir gemeinsam mit Jorg Üken in den Soundlodge Studios in Rhauderfehn mit den Aufnahmen für unser sechstes Studioalbum beginnen.
Weitere Details gibt es in Kürze – seid gespannt, dieses Album wird Euch schocken!“

Weitere Infos gibt es in Kürze. | | |


 News are coming fast! Some very cool bands are added to the current line-up of this year's Japanese Assault fest and one is for sure, it's gonna be killer!

For more info, tickets and any further questions visit the follow link:

See you in November Japan, time flies so be prepared, you've been warned!!!

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