Official Press Release of the new Rerord!

SUICIDAL ANGELS - release album title, cover
and release date!

The new album of Greek thrash metal tank SUICIDAL ANGELS, will be entitled "DIVISION OF BLOOD". The follow up to their highly acclaimed 2014 album, 'Divide and Conquer' will be released on May 27th, 2016 via NoiseArt Records.

The stunning cover artwork was created by acclaimed artist Ed Repka Illustration (MEGADETH, DEATH, MUNICIPAL WASTE).

The band states:

"Against the odds of the times (that we live), against gods, masters and slaves, the “Division of Blood” marches on and kills! Another incredible piece of art from Mr. Repka, follows our official 6th studio album. The banners of the Moshing Crew raise high and the legions are ready to unleash all the passion and the flame. Join the forces to clear the path, one is the way, no side loss just wrath!"

More information coming soon – stay tuned.

Suicidal Angels at "Antwerp MetalFest" 2016


Tim Tronckoe shoots Suicidal Angels!!

 Today we had the pleasure to work with mr. Tim Tronckoe photography and his wonderful brother Nick, for the photo shooting of our upcoming record. We can't wait to share with all of you the amazing result, we had some great time, so keep your senses alerted, more news are coming soon!!!

Suicidal Angels at "Rockharz Open Air" 2016

 Smells already summer in the middle of winter! See you all on July at Rockharz Open Air! More festival confirmations coming really soon!

Suicidal Angels' new line up!!

 Here we come with the new line up, fresh and ready to Thrash in every part of this world! For all our Greek friends, you may find this incredible poster in the December’s METAL HAMMER GREECE (Official) issue. Make sure you grab it and add the Thrash metal feeling on the walls of your rooms!!!

Photo by Mariza Kapsabeli
Edit by Giannis Nakos


 A week after our return from Japan, we must admit that we still miss the great time we had there. Here's a photo which can easily represent what took place on those 2 shows in Tokyo!!! We want to thank once again everybody involved, Akira Sugiuchi and all members of SPIRITUAL BEAST team for the indescribable hospitality and welcome and last but not least, YOU all people, who turned those nights in to nights to remember. See you all very soon!

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